Monday, 25 March 2013

Local TVC

Idea : Healthy and Variety

Concept : The TVC use the concept of healthy to show that the product "Sup Bunjut Adabi" is made from the original spices. Because of that, it can be use in lot of kind of dishes and make the dishes taste good also. As the beginning part of the TVC, the husband told him wife that he went to jogging and ask her to cook something that good and healthy. By that, the woman instantly get idea to use "Sup Bunjut Adabi"in her cooking to make it taste good yet still nutritious.

International TVC

Idea : Neat and Tidy

Concept : The concept that want to bring by the TVC of IKEA is tidiness and safety.  The IKEA product have variety kind of furniture that can complete your home. in the TVC, the couple are in mood of making love. While they kissing, the man push the woman on the couch. All of sudden he noticed that the woman is not moving anymore which is dead. It is because her back was stabbed by a fork that hidden in the couch. The message want to be deliver is the fork should not be in the couch. It should be in the proper kitchen closet where all the cutlery belong.

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