Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Assignment 4 : Empathy

Empathy is the experience of understanding another person's condition from their perspective. You place yourself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling. Empathy is known to increase prosocial (helping) behavior. While American culture might be socializing people into becoming more individualistic rather than emphatic. 

Empathy also is the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner. 

Empathy in advertising can ignite the variety of feeling among the viewers. some of the feelings might be based on positive and negative side. from positive side, it could be happy, joy, playful and from negative side it could be sad, suffering and hurt.

Empathy in international ad :


The ads is a Public Service Announcement by AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL for against violence upon women.

(Violence and Suffer)

The concept that they use to portray the suffering of women that being abuse violently and sad emotion is by putting the image  of the small child that crying with some copy under it which are " the only witness won't talk". The copy are intended to emphasizing the image which is usually only the small child are the witness to the violence that happen to elder women like their mother but they cannot do anything and they will not tell anything to others except only CRY.

(Negative : Sad, Pain, Sorrow, and Sympathy)

The reason that they use the image of small child crying because it is what happen in real world. In some family, domestic violence always occur to the women especially to the wife or mother. When that situation happen, the young child will feel helpless and just be the eyes of the violence. 

Empathy in local ad :

(global warming)

The concept that they use is the painting at the wall of the inner side or swimming pool. The painting in the ads shows the image of city like the city have been sink under the water and have some copy "don't let this be our future" . It is to emphasizing the effect of global warming toward the risen of sea water level. When the world are facing with global warming, the ice at the pole will melting and cause the level of sea water to rise and might endanger the our city.

(Positive : awareness and care our earth)

The rationale of the ads is nowadays world have been haunted with lots of natural disaster and phenomenon. global warming is one of the most haunting scenario that we face today. With the risen of temperature, it might contribute to the global warming. Because of that, people should alert and aware of this problem and together in taking care of our earth.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Local TVC

Idea : Healthy and Variety

Concept : The TVC use the concept of healthy to show that the product "Sup Bunjut Adabi" is made from the original spices. Because of that, it can be use in lot of kind of dishes and make the dishes taste good also. As the beginning part of the TVC, the husband told him wife that he went to jogging and ask her to cook something that good and healthy. By that, the woman instantly get idea to use "Sup Bunjut Adabi"in her cooking to make it taste good yet still nutritious.

International TVC

Idea : Neat and Tidy

Concept : The concept that want to bring by the TVC of IKEA is tidiness and safety.  The IKEA product have variety kind of furniture that can complete your home. in the TVC, the couple are in mood of making love. While they kissing, the man push the woman on the couch. All of sudden he noticed that the woman is not moving anymore which is dead. It is because her back was stabbed by a fork that hidden in the couch. The message want to be deliver is the fork should not be in the couch. It should be in the proper kitchen closet where all the cutlery belong.

Monday, 18 March 2013

My Creative Idol... :)

Tyra Banks

     Tyra Lynne Banks or known well as Tyra Banks is one of the most famous female figure in the world.  She was born in December 4, 1973. She start up as a normal American model and develop as a supermodel, author, actress and tv personality. I choose Tyra Banks as my creative idol because of for me she is very capable women. She have capability to do a variety things in achieving her dream and constructing her future life.   Advertising world have relation with the creativeness. And it also is a form of art. Therefore the combination of art can also be included with acting, singing, and modeling. Tyra Banks is a creative person because she know what she doing and for what she done it.
     She have act in lots of movies such as Coyote Ugly, Love Stinks, Hannah Montana, The Movie and also appeared in tv series, Gossip Girl. Other  than that, she also can sing as she have her own music video “Shake Ya Body” as the song was specially recorded for her America’s Next Top Model show in Cycle 2. As an a uthor, she have write a book called Modelland that basically from her experiences as a successful model.
     What I wanna talk about her creativeness here is about her own production. Tyra Banks has started her own production company, Bankable Productions (previously named, "Ty Ty Baby Productions"). She rename it until the second cycle of America's Next Top Model was aired in the television. The Bankable Productions have being succeed production  which produced The Tyra Banks Show, America's Next Top Model and the 2008 movie The Clique. Tyraa Banks is the hostess, judge and executive producer of The CW Television Network show America's Next Top Model. In addition, she hosted The Tyra Banks Show, a daytime talk show aimed at younger women for inspiring and mentoring theme. In 2008, Banks won the Daytime Emmy Award for her work and production on The Tyra Banks Show, and won for the second time in a row for outstanding, informative talkshow in 2009.
     The America’s Next Top Model show have been one the highlight in her career as a supermodel. The show were produced in the hope to find and create a model that suits with the fashion and modeling world. Until now, the show already succeed to the Cycle 19 and have produced a lots of unique and capable model. For each cycle, Tyra will choose 14 young women to compete each other in the hope or becoming the winner and hold the title of America’s Next top Model. Other than the fabulous  prizes offer, the show also provide all the girls with the worth experiences. The show help the girls in building self esteem and personality. Challenge by challenge and photoshoot by photoshoot, each of them have their own objectives and targets. The challenges basically are done to high the contestants confidence level.  Tyra Banks have use her creativeness for every photoshoot in each episode for each cycles. For example, in Cycle 9, Tyra have create the photoshoot for the PSA in highlighting the danger of smoking. The girls was specially makeup to show some severe effects of smoking to the body.

     Finally, what i would like to say about Tyra Banks is, not only she have a beautiful face but she also have a great personality and brilliant ideas inside her. She always think positively and being aware of her surrounding. Tyra Banks have proved a lot to the world. From supermodel to the super mogul. I hope one day i can be as creative as Tyra Banks.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

creative thinking..

" Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does. "

     In my opinion, the verbs in the quote can be define as useless. it is because if you have a crush on a girl, and you only winking to her while you are standing in the dark, come on guy, its so useless. She can't even see you, how come you would expect her to response by your winking? Unless, you being brave enough to stand under the light and winking at her when she walk pass by you. Or, if you are having so much guts inside yourself, you can say 'hi' to her and see what is her response to you. It is call, you are taking a risk. It may be worth or not, but at least you have give your best shot.

     Well, the situation can be similar in the marketing and advertising world. When you are planning to start a business, you should have your own business plan that complete with the advertising idea. The advertisement might consist some information about your product. In term of marketing your products or services, you have to advertise them to the consumers as well as they can know the existence of your products or services in the market. There are lots of medium that can be use for advertising such as electronic and printing media. By choosing the correct channel or medium to advertise, you might attract the correct targeted consumer. For example, your product is an air-conditioning system. then, you should advertise well your product to the consumer as there are lots of other brand of air-conditioner in the market. They also  can know more about your product through your advertisement.

     By using advertising also, you should be ready to take any risk of success or failure. Good advertisement might contribute you to success and selling of your product or service. Gaining profit can help you widen your business and advertisement in the future.

     So, make sure that you know what you are going to do and predict what will happen in the future. Wink your eye as there are a ton of ideas inside your head. Do not afraid to take any risk because of risk can be your path to succeed or the best teacher for your failure. At last, Business and Advertising are inseparable.. :)